MN2S research axes

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MN2S research axes

Research axes of the MN2S department

Phononics & Microscopy TEAM

The Phononics & Microscopy group stands at the crossroad of phononics (the analysis and the control of phonons) and of micro-instrumentation (the science of metrology of physical phenomena at the micron scale).

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The main goals of MINAMAS are to develop some research activities and produce some new knowledge on materials, surfaces and nano-structured thin films for Microsystems, actuators, tribology, mechanics, adhesion, …

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Mosaic TEAM

MOSAIC Team is developing micro- and nano-systems for the experimental demonstration of fundamental phenomena in diverse areas of physical sciences, as well as for the development of micro- and nano-devices with advanced functionality.


The Nano2BIO team contributes to the multimodal qualification of biological objects of interest, from the molecule to the vesicle to the cell.

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Bind team

The objective of the BIND team is to develop microdevices for applications in the fields of health, environment and the food industry. These developments rely heavily on engineering sciences, bioengineering and the physic and chemistry of surfaces, both for the design of microdevices and for their manufacture and characterization.

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