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MN2S Presentation

The MN2S Department conducts multidisciplinary research in the fields of microsystems, nanosciences and nanotechnologies. With nearly 80 members, including 43 permanent staff members, the department welcomes about 25 graduate students.


The MN2S research department was born on January first, 2008, as a result of more than 15 years of research in microtechniques, nanosciences and nanotechnologies. MN2S gathers a large part of FEMTO-ST's ressources in these areas. The department is located in different FEMTO-ST sites within Franche-Comté, in Besançon, Montbéliard, and Belfort.

The scientific aims of MN2S are as follows:

  • produce knowledge on waves and materials at the micro & nano scale ;
  • develop techniques and processes for micro & nano fabrication ;
  • design and construct multiphysics micro & nanosystems (MEMS/NEMS) ;
  • develop instrumentaion at the micro & nano scale.

Instrumentation platforms

The MN2S Department possesses an original instrumentation pool of a very high technicity for the production and characterization of thin films, coating architectures and functional materials. It is home to the CLIPP-UBFC platform in the areas of bioanalytical and in vitro diagnostics.


The 5 research teams of the MN2S Department

Within MN2S, research is organized along five main axes:

BioMicroDevices :
Detection, characterization and quantification of biomolecules, cells in fluids for a better knowledge of biological, agrifood and environmental mechanisms.
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MINAMAS (MIcro-NAno-MAterials and Surfaces):
Thin films and nanomaterials, for micro-nano-systems and for production or transduction of energy. 
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MOEMS (Micro-Opto-Electro Mechanical Systems) :
Miniaturization of complex optical systems, such as e.g. optical microscopes or atomic clocks, thanks to association of silicon batch-fabrication processes, micro-optics and in some cases microactuators.
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Nanosciences :
- Observation and development of organic and inorganic surfaces and interfaces on a nanometric scale.
- Mathematical physics of quantum information.
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Phononics and Microscopy :
Generation and observation of acoustic waves, thermal transport, and coupling with light in structured materials, from macroscopic down to microscopic dimensions.
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Contact & Location

Office :
Phone : (+33) 363 082 400
E-mail :

15B Avenue des Montboucons
25030 Besançon Cedex


mn2s organization chart

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