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Phononics and microscopies, acoustics, micro and nanotechnologies

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The MOSAIC team is developing micro- and nano-systems for the experimental demonstration of fundamental phenomena in diverse areas of physical sciences, as well as for the development of micro- and nano-devices with advanced functionality. The group cultivates a cross-disciplinary expertise in the fields of nanosciences, phononics, tribology and optics, supplemented by an extensive know-how on microfabrication processes. We are geographically based in two different cities (Besançon and Montbéliard).

OBJECTIves and research areas

We address two main areas of research :

> Nanosciences and Nanotechnologies 

We aim at understanding the fundamental physical and chemical mechanisms underlying the growth of hybrid organic-inorganic interfaces. We also develop basic knowledge on tribological processes at the nanoscale.

> Microsystems

We develop micro-devices using collective microfabrication technologies to create miniature components which will be integrated into complex systems such as miniature atomic clocks, innovative microsystems for energy harvesting or biomedical sensors (pH or lithium concentration measurement). We also aim at the development of electromechanical systems merging concepts stemming from Phononics and NEMS.


MOSAIC is a multidisciplinary research team that merges experts in physical sciences, such as chemistry, energy, optics, acoustics, scanning probe microscopies, and tribology. The group has a recognized expertise in the development of micro-fabrication processes. MOSAIC combines a strong experimental background and a recognized expertise in scientific instruments with a capability to develop innovative simulation tools.

The group also has a strong collaborative framework involving both internationally recognized academic partners and industrial collaborators.

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