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TF Department Research Teams

The activities of our Time-Frequency Department are organized around three main themes:

›  PiezoMEMS:
- Quartz oscillators
- Piezoelectric resonators
- Study of the origins of acoustic resonator noise
- Resonant sensors
- Characterization of materials for time-frequency devices

› CoSyMA : Micro-acoustics components and systems (Composants et Systèmes Micro-Acoustiques)

- Functional materials, heterostructures and nanostructures
- Résonateurs SAW, FBAR, HBAR, piezoelectric MEMS
- Wireless sensing, digital processing of radiofrequency signals
- Gas and particle SAW based sensors for environment applications
- Multiscale modeling and control

› OHMS : Waves, Clocks, Metrology and Systems (Ondes, Horloges, Métrologie et Systèmes)

- Microwave sources
- Atomic oscillators (masers and atomic micro-clocks)
- Microwaves and photonic

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