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Quality Certification

Since 2008, the FEMTO-ST Institute and its Applied Mechanics Department have been engaged in quality initiatives with the aim of structuring the organization of support services for research and the desire to reinforce professionalism in their partnership relations.

Our quality policy has two objectives :

  •  provide the best possible support for research with an effective organization of FEMTO-ST's common services and
  •  optimize interactions with our institutional and economic environments.

These procedures were recognized and certified ISO 9001 by AFNOR in 2010, for the following activities  :

FEMTO-ST : "Provision of resources and provision of services :

  • by shared services  : administration, communication, IT, electronical ,mechanical , industrial relations services;
  • the MIMENTO Technology Centre,
  • and the synthesis and characterization platform SURFACE".

>> Certificate  FEMTO-ST / Commons services - MIMENTO - SURFACE

Applied Mechanics Department : "The valuation of the equipment and experimental know-how of the AMETISTE platform by responding to the requests of the Femto Engineering entity within the framework of its services with the socio-economic world, in the field of the mechanical characterization of materials, surfaces and structures. "

>> Certificate FEMTO-ST / Applied Mechanics Department

We are committed to taking into account your expectations in order to promote continuous improvement. 

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