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Biom'@x Science and technology: towards translational medicine

Biom'@x is an area of multi-science research targeting the development of smart devices capable of understanding as completely as possible a biological system when studied. This understanding should lead to the discovery of laws of behavior which, through prognostic approaches, will allow us to anticipate the evolution of biological systems that can personalize therapeutic strategies.

This program is nurtured by the broad base of the different disciplines present at the FEMTO-ST Institute, especially in micro- and nanotechnologies, robotics, computer science, automatic control, biomechanics, proteomics and e-health. It is expected that scientific and technological locks will one day be opened and that new paradigms will be created leading towards a transdisciplinary vision of the health research professions.

Already recognized nationally and internationally for their work in their disciplines, the researchers in the Biom'@x program benefit particularly from strong interaction with the Besançon Regional University Hospital Center (CHRU) and above all with the Clinical Investigation Center (CIC 1431), the local units of the National Institute for Health and Medical Research (INSERM), the different teaching fields, especially in Biomedical Engineering and Microtechniques, and with the local industrial network, all of which are part of the “Research-Translational Research-Transfer” environment particularly favored in Franche-Comté.

Contact : Bruno Wacogne

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