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Applied Mechanics Department
Materials, surfaces, processes & structures

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Applied Mechanics Presentation

From the heart of matter to innovative integrated technologies – to functionalize, optimize and verify materials, microsystems and structures


The research activities of the Applied Mechanics Department are organized around two unifying axes:

- The "Micromechanical: materials and processes" axis whose activities are at the interface between the world of nanotechnologies - the preferred field of the MIMENTO platform - and the macroscopic world that constitutes our perceptual reality. This specific positioning is particularly supported by the deployment of the MIFHySTO platform, a true tool for federation and outreach.

- The "Structures: integration and functionalization" axis crystallises its joint activities around the Labex ACTION "Smart Skin" project, by adding an "Eco" component to illustrate to a large extent the scientific ambitions of the different themes of the axis. The research is aimed at developing new composite materials, including biosourced plant fibers and matrices, integrating transducer networks that provide structures with self-monitoring capabilities, adaptive interactions with their environment, energy collection and storage room ...

Each axis is composed of a number of themes. A theme is the grouping of skills in the service of a chosen subject for its scientific positioning and its economic and societal impacts. It remains limited in time and evaluable.

The department has a Cell of Engineering and Transfer (CIT), allowing the access of the companies, especially local, to the means and developments of the department. He is also at the heart of international exchanges through collaborative projects and many co-supervised theses.


This structure is certified AFAQ ISO 9001 to enhance the equipment and skills of the Department of Applied Mechanics by meeting the needs of studies and industrial services.

The Applied Mechanics Department is certified AFAQ ISO 9001.

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Tel : ( 33 3) 81 66 60 00 - Fax : ( 33 3) 81 66 67 00
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24, chemin de l'épitaphe


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