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The Time &Frequency Department (TF), the proud heir to the Franc-Comtois metrological and clock making tradition, develops the “time keepers so necessary to the most modern of high-tech applications: space travel, telecommunications, radar, etc.

It is the federating force behind the investigations into resonators and oscillators, their derived sensor applications and the metrology of frequency sources. TF is essentially a multidisciplinary department which associates many scientific technologies and domains (electronics, hyperfrequency, acoustics, sciences and the shaping of crystalline materials, MEMS, photonics, signal processing, atomic physics, etc.).

Resolutely turned towards the future, the department has undertaken the creation of the metrological platform EquipEX OSCILLATOR-IMP devoted to the characterization of the RF domain sources of optic frequencies. The platform will eventually be connected to the primary frequency standards of SYRTE (Observatory of Paris) by the optical link implemented within the EquipEX REFIMEVE project.

The TF Department is also a major participant in the French excellence network LabEX FIRST-TF.

Research teams

The department’s research is conducted by three teams which also participate jointly in common projects:

- The PiezoMEMS team
- Quartz oscillators
- Piezoelectric resonators
- Study of the origins of acoustic resonator noise
- Resonant sensors
- Characterization of materials for time-frequency devices

› The CoSyMA team (Composants et Systèmes Micro-Acoustiques)
- SAW, FBAR and HBAR resonators
- MEMSpiezoelectric resonators
- Resonating sensors

› The OHMS team (Ondes, Horloges, Métrologie et Systèmes)
- Microwave sources
- Atomic oscillators (masers and atomic micro-clocks)
- Microwaves and photonics

The TF Department also produces accredited calibrations (characterization of short-term stability) of frequency sources for:

- Besançon Time-Frequency Laboratory
- Oscillator characterization
- COFRAC Accreditation

Contact and location

Tel: (33 3) 81 40 28 22 - Fax: (33 3) 81 88 57 14
E-mail :

26, Chemin de l'Epitaphe
25030 BESANÇON Cedex

organization chart

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