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Common Services

The common services activities of FEMTO-ST are certified ISO 9001-version 2015 by AFNOR. For more information, please consult the page dedicated to the quality approach of the Institute.

joint administrative service

The Joint Administrative Service provides management, secretarial, support and support services to the Institute.

Perform administrative management
- Performing the acts and administrative procedures including all  procedures within human resources : recruitment, training
-  Provides executive secretary of the scientific department
-  Accompany all staff of the scientific department in all their steps related to the administrative operation of the laboratory

Perform financial management
-  Responsible for the financial implementation of the research contract for its duration (orders, invoices, contracts justification)
-  Establish laboratory budget as a whole, consolidate financial data of the unit by an annual report to set up a financial strategy for the year N + 1
- Manage the mission expenses related to travel of all personnel of the Institute

Performs general administration
- Steering databases and digital resources
-  Management and maintenance of buildings and infrastructure
- Prevention management and worker protection

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In coherence with the general strategy of the institute, the common communication service implements and coordinates the various internal and external communication actions (towards academic, industrial, institutional and general public)

- Realization and update of tools, supports and communication documents: brochures, posters, websites, social networks, photo library ...

- Writing and dissemination of information: press release , information on the website / intranet, social networks, news articles, journalists / partners requests

- Organization of events: support of logistical and communication aspects

- Advice and support to the members of the institute in their various communication approaches

- Monitoring, management and evaluation of the various actions carried out.

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Common Electronics and Instrumentation service

The common electronics and instrumentation service (SCEI) brings together engineers, assistant-engineers and technicians with various skills, on the different sites of the components of the FEMTO-ST institute.

The objectives of the service are to meet the needs of researchers in carrying out research projects. It provides solutions mainly in the field of analog electronics (oscillators, optoelectronics, radio frequencies, microwaves ...), digital, microelectronics and instrumentation.

Common electronics and instrumentation service missions are as follows:

- Design, realization (or outsourcing), testing and validation of electronic circuits,
- Development of specific instrumentation and control systems,
- Instrument control,
- Maintenance and evolution of platforms, equipment, instruments and electronic and electrotechnical circuits, dedicated to Research,
- Design and production outsourcing screen printing for front-of-instruments,
- Purchasing and implementation of components, materials or equipment

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common it service

FEMTO-ST's "service commun informatique" (SCI : common computer service) brings together various technicians and engineers with varied skills in IT and networks at the Belfort, Besançon and Montbéliard geographical sites.

The missions of SCI members are dedicated to assist the Research in the management of FEMTO-ST computers and network services and in a local support service for all members of the Institute.

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Joint Mechanics Department

The joint mechanics department brings together mechanical professionals (engineers, assistant engineers, technicians) spread over the different sites of the Femto-st institute (Besançon, Belfort).

This structure aims to meet the needs of teams in the areas of design and realization of scientific equipment.

The skills of the joint mechanical service include the study and design of mechanical parts and systems, the construction of equipment and their development and implementation.

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Its objectives are to provide support and follow-up to the conduct of research partnerships within the 7 research departments as well as to develop collaborations with the industrial world.

It ensures the development of collaborations with the industry and guarantees the professionalism and the quality brought to the industrialists in the different collaborations.

The IRS provides research staff with a number of partnership management tools and offers technical support for:

  •  Establish a confidentiality agreement
  •  Establish a quote
  • Negotiate a contract with an industrialist
  • Search for an industrial partner
  • Seeking funding for a maturation project
  • Represent FEMTO-ST on an event or a show

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