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OPTICS Department Research Teams

› Nano-Optics (NO)

The activities of the NO team are part of the general study and control of the interaction between light and matter at scales smaller than the length. The team presents a structured activity around the key areas of nano-optics:

Photonic crystals controllable in LiNbO3
Nano-optical antennas
Metal metamaterials with exalted transmission
Hybrid photonic / plasmonic structures

› Nonlinear Optics

The ONL team is interested in controlling the spatio-temporal and quantum properties of LASER light by the play of nonlinear interactions in different materials such as telecommunications or microstructured optical fibers, photorefractive materials (LiNbO3), Kerr media , as well as quadratic crystals. We conduct research according to the following themes:

Optical Fibers and Telecommunications
Quantum optics, amplification / image processing
Fiber laser
Generation of Supercontinuum
Self-guided laser beams, solitons, slow light

› Optoelectronics

The Optoelectronics Group is involved in fundamental and applied research on the development and study of new photonic technologies and their applications in systems and components used for telecommunications
Our research activities are divided into three major themes:

Physical cryptography by chaos and quantum cryptography
Ultrafast optics
Photonic components