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OPTICS Department Research Teams

Our Optics Department is organized into 3 teams:

› Nonlinear Optics
(Optique Non Linéaire - ONL)

New concepts in guided nonlinear photonics and optoacoustics in optic fibers, in nonlinear dynamics of self-guided waves and photo-induced waves, and in nonlinear quantic imaging.

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› Optoelectronics
(Optoélectronique, Photonique et Télécommunications Optiques - OPTO)

New concepts in complex systems based on nonlinear optical and delay-time optoelectronic dynamics, particularly neuromorphic computing, quantum information systems architectures, control of laser-material interaction processes, and extreme waves in ultrafast photonics.

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› Nano-Optics

Design and production of individual nanoantennas on optic fiber and from diaelectric or hybrid metallic metamaterials, mainly active photonic crystals on lithium niobate, the study of their nano-optic properties and development of original nanophotonic components.

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