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Récits' projects

Project TEePI

2016-2017 - "Energy transition and industrial heritage: from historical sciences to engineering sciences" (TEePI), project funded under the AAP PEPS (first support exploratory projects) supported by the CNRS and the network of MSH - Mission for Interdisciplinarity - in collaboration with the Thermie team (Energy Department) of the FEMTO-ST Institute.

This project led to the launch in October 2017 of a doctoral thesis entitled "Evaluation of hygrothermal performance of buildings by non-destructive method: application to industrial and historical heritage".

Project Knowledge Community

2015-2018. financed by the INTERREG V program. The UTBM is a stakeholder in this Franco-Swiss network of 7 higher education and research institutions in the Jura Arc, which aims to strengthen, enhance and stimulate Franco-Swiss collaborations in the Jura Arc in research, higher education and innovation.
RECITS is associated more specifically with the "ArcLab" project within this network, project to animate the territory of the Jura Arc around territorial innovations; a pilot project in 2018 focus on the theme "Industry and Society 4.0 in the Jura Arc".

project ortep revitalization

The objective is to observe, analyze and accompany the territorial revitalization in Bourgogne Franche-Comté. Project supported by the MSHE CN Ledoux and funded under the AAP Region CFB 2017. RECITS is responsible for the operation "Territorial dynamics and revitalization scheme of the Belfort employment basin" (3 statutory RECITS researchers involved in sides of UFC researchers).
A doctoral contract is attached to this project and the doctoral thesis, begun in 2017 is supervised by RECITS economics teachers-researchers on the theme: "Territorial dynamics and revitalization of industrial territories".

The SOC-TECH project: Strengthen the cohesion of a multi-site and interdisciplinary Joint research Unit

This project has a dual objective in terms of quality of life at work:

• strengthen the scientific cohesion within FEMTO-ST between Engineering science and Humanities and Social Sciences

• reinforce the geographical cohesion between the Nord Franche-Comté site and the main site in Besançon

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