Corporate Spin-offs

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Corporate Spin-offs

Many companies are the result of research conducted at FEMTO-ST or in the laboratories that preceded the creation of the institute. It includes :

VERSO Optim (2017) Besançon

Offers efficient optimization software solutions dedicated to planning and optimization problems in industrial contexts, particularly in the field of logistics and mobility.

H2SYS (2017) Belfort

Designs and builds hybrid systems that generate electricity and heat from hydrogen for stationary or nomadic power systems.

KIPERS Industries (2017) Bègles

Commercializes industrial prognostic software solutions that anticipate failures and use preventive actions.


ANANKE (2017) Belfort

 The activity concerns the development of an innovative External Heat Supply Engine (ACE), based on the Ericsson cycle principle.

This thermal machine allows the simultaneous production of electricity and useful heat (cogeneration), from any heat source whose temperature is higher than 150 ° C.

AFULudine (2015) Besançon

Offers innovative and non-oily lubrication solutions that respect the environment.

Frec'n'sys (2013) / SOITEC – Besançon

Designs, manufactures and supplies passive components for Telecom, resonators and frequency filters for Defense and Space and communicating sensors for professional and consumer applications.The company is bought at the end of 2017 by SOITEC


Expertisens (2013) Besançon

Offers a sensory expertise service allowing manufacturers to take into account consumers' sensory sensations in the design and design of their products but also in the sensory quality control of these products.

Percipio Robotics (2011) Besançon

Designs and produces robotic micro-assembly machines for applications requiring high precision handling tasks

Share &Move (2010) Montbéliard

Develops and markets its own customized business mobility solution through software in the form of a secure web application.


Auréa Technology (2010) – Besançon

Develops, manufactures and markets a new generation of high performance optical measurement instruments based on photon counting technologies that can detect very low levels of light.

Covalia (2007) / INDO-In – Besançon

Specialized in telemedicine, secure transmission and storage of medical information, in 2015 the company joined the small IT group INDO-in

Mahytec (2007) – Dole

Develops hydrogen storage solutions under pressure and in solid form, thus promoting the deployment of renewable energies


SilMach (2003) – Besançon

A specialist in silicon micromechanics, the company designs, manufactures and integrates innovative electromechanical microsystems (MEMS).

Photline technologies (2000) / iXblue Photonics – Besançon

Manufacture of ultra-high frequency optical modulators for scientific and industrial applications in the instrumentation, telecommunications, aeronautics, space and defense sectors. Photline joins the iXblue group in 2013

Ar Electronique (1989) – Besançon

Designs and manufactures quartz resonators, oscillators and piezoelectric filters for Defense and Aerospace application sectors.