Energy department
Energy Department
Measuring systems, production, conversion, storage of thermal and electrical energy, fuel cell systems

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ENERGY Presentation

ENERGY Department (Director : Robin ROCHE) which is composed of  130 members is focused on the conversion and management of energy. The department thus makes a major scientific and complementary contribution to the research conducted in FEMTO-ST’s six other departments, through a systemic energy approach whose goal is the efficient, competitive and environmentally friendly production and management of energy.

The department’s research is supported by experimental and theoretical (modeling and simulations) approaches in connection with multiphysics energy systems (electric, thermal, mechanical, fluid), often through industrial and academic partnerships, both national and international. These studies are conducted by the department’s different teams, but also through interdisciplinary relationships with the institute’s other departments (industrial contracts, theses, national and international research programs).

The ENERGY Department also contributes to the FEMTO Engineering research center in the fields of electrical and thermal energy, and of fuel cell systems. It is also involved in national and international programs devoted to hydrogen energy and fuel cell systems, cogeneration, hybrid electric systems, hybrid electric vehicles, heat pumps, thermal and optic instrumentation in fluids and energy systems.

Research teams

The department is organized into 2 teams, working in the following focus areas :

› SHARPAC : Hybrid electric systems, Electric Actuators, Fuell cell systems
- Static converters
- Fuel cell systems
- PHIL – Power Hardware in the Loop
- Control and Management of Energy
- Electric actuators
- Micro-grids

THERMIE : Thermal Science 
- Metrology and Instrumentation in Fluidics and Thermal Science
- Thermal Science in energy systems
- Heat engines
- Complex flows

Contact and location

The ENERGY Department is located  2 different locations in Belfort.

Office :
Tél : ( 33 3) 84 57 82 00 - Fax : ( 33 3) 84 57 00 32
E-mail :

Addresses :
Département Energie - Parc Technologique
2 Av. Jean Moulin, Rue hartes entrepreneurs

Département Energie - Techn'Hom
13 rue Thierry Mieg
90010 BELFORT Cedex


energy organization chart

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