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Micro-acoustics components and systems


The investigations conducted by our CoSyMA team fall within two fields of application:

  1. Frequency sources and filters
  2. Sensors

Goals and Research Areas

In both of the above-mentioned fields, the CoSyMA team pursues three very different goals:

› Improved passive RF components exploiting the properties of elastic waves;

› Development of electronic systems integrating these components in the intended applications;

› Multiscale multiphysics mathematical modeling, to improve understanding of the behavior and the control of components or of passive component networks.

To achievement of the first two goals is to provide and characterize physical objects, while to advance towards the third objective is to introduce new generic tools.


Applications sources and filters :

Passive components, with guided elastic or confined waves in bulk or surface microstructures, are widely used to stabilize oscillators in the field of radio-frequency (RF) and to filter low-loss bands in telecommunications.

The team has successfully undertaken investigations in many directions, aimed at either overcoming by technology the limit of 0.3 μm for steppers used in the industrial production of SAW components, or proposing new types of resonator structures and filters.

Sensor applications :

The CoSyMA team has undertaken numerous investigations for sensor applications covering both the development of passive RF demonstrator components and the electronic measurement systems that integrate them. These studies also include, within a broad theoretical framework, the modeling of piezoelectric components and the multiscale multiphysics modeling of sensor networks.

Implementing our work

The path to concrete development of passive RF components lies in the combination of both study and detailed simulations using numerous technological developments furnished by the MIMENTO technology center.

The team has participated in many industrial partnerships since it was created. This culture of partnerships has contributed decisively to the development over the years of a unique software package for the rapid design of passive RF components. Excellent results have also been obtained in the field of searchable remote sensors in harsh environments.

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