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FEMTO-ST Student Chapter

The FEMTO-ST Student Chapter is a non-profit student association that works primarily for the promotion of science and knowledge, as well as the creation of a strong professional network. It brings together the student members of OPTICA, SPIE and IEEE, especially those who have formed Student Chapter of these learned societies.

Its objectives are:

  • Increase the professional and scientific performance of its members in areas such as: optics-photonics; the Mechanical ; micro & nano technologies, etc.
  • Encourage communication and exchanges between its members, researchers, teacher-researchers and other associations students, both nationally and internationally.
  • Promote and strengthen the visibility of students in the academic and industrial world.

Current and regular activities of the FEMTO-ST Student Chapter include seminars, guest lectures, laboratories (with demonstrations, popularization and experiments) and companies, photo contests, quizzes, open days, etc.

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