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MIicrofabrication for MEchanics, Nanosciences, Thermics and Optics

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MIMENTO Presentation

The FEMTO-ST micro-nanofabrication technology central part, with five other plants, FMNT (Grenoble), IEF (Orsay), IEMN (Lille), LAAS (Toulouse) and LPN (Marcoussis), the National Network of large technology centers for Basic Technology Research (Renatech network supported by the RTB program, in partnership with CEA - LETI). The purpose of this network is to support all of the French institutional research by making available its equipment and skills from applicants research centers. Dans ce cadre, MIMENTO ( MIcrofabrication pour la MEcanique, les Nanosciences, la Thermique et l'Optique) est identifiée au niveau national en tant que centrale de référence en micro-nano optique, micro-nano acoustique et microsystèmes opto-électro-mécaniques (MOEMS).

In this context, MIMENTO (MIcrofabrication for Mecanics, Nanosciences, Thermal and Optics) is identified at the national level as a reference center in micro-nano-optics, micro-nano acoustics and opto-electro-mechanical microsystems (MOEMS). Located on the TEMIS Technople in Besançon, it has a total space of around 1300 m², of which 865 m² are ISO 5 to 7 classrooms.

It is managed by a technical team of fifteen engineers and technicians whose role is to support research projects in the central (internal or external projects). It has a high-tech equipment park open to both academic and industrial partners in research collaborations.

This technology center has received different national fundings (Ministère, ANR, CNRS) and regional financing (DRIRE, Region, Conseil Général, CAGB).

Organization chart MIMENTO