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PhD Thesis proposal : Acousto-fluidics in water emulsion and foam for detection of bio-analytes

Since a few year, we are working inside the Biomicrodevices team of the FEMTO-ST Institute (www.femto-st.fr) on a new paradigm of bio-analyte sensing. In short, the principle is based on the capture of bionalayte on the surface of functionalized droplets/bubbles followed by their acoustic probing for estimating the bioanalyte concentration in the liquid. The sensor has potentially several advantages over existing techniques used for biomolecular interaction analysis: increased total capture (increased capture surface for the same sensor surface), increased capture efficiency (strong increase in diffusive transport) and simple regeneration (flushing micro-droplet).

Following up on other PhD and post-doctoral work, the PhD student will focus on the bubble-droplet interaction with acoustic wave both by simulation and experimentally by designing, building and testing micro-devices. The work will take place in the Phononics team (M. Addouche) with strong expertise in acoustics and numerical simulation and the BMD team (F. Chollet) with expertise in MEMS, microfabrication and microfluidics. Strong collaboration with the other members of these two teams, that total about 30 members, is also expected. Moreover, the candidate will have access to the FEMTO-ST cleanroom, a key partner of the CNRS Renatech network of cleanroom (https://www.femto-st.fr/fr/Plateformes-technologiques/Mimento-presentation), with help from its experienced staff for all the microfabrication work.

Start date : 1/10/2020. Duration : 3 years


Durée : 3 ans