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PhD position : Registration of 3D optical biopsies

PhD position : Registration of 3D optical biopsies (application to medical imaging of high-resolution and wide field-of-view)

The scientific work concerns the development of accurate and robust registration methods between 3D visual information (optical biopsies). The PhD student will first focus on the development of calibration methods based on local visual features (e.g., geometric type information), matching methods, computing rigid transformations as well as reconstruction and mapping all the acquired data on the same final volume. This first work will provide a basis for extending these methods in aim to use global information such as pixel/voxel intensities, wavelet coefficients or any other global image information.

In addition, several parameters and external disturbances will be considered within this work such as physiological motion, … in order to limit potential artifacts.

This work will then be extended to non-rigid registration in which the observed tissue is subjected to a global (or a local minimum) deformation resulting, for instance, from the contact between the tissue and the imaging probe.

PhD : " Metrology and statistics: from clocks to millisecond pulsars"

Work program:

The first part of the expected works concerns mainly the fine characterization and the improvementof the methods of estimation of the stability of a set of clocks. These methods, recently developed inthe time-frequency department of FEMTO-ST and in Observatory THETA, are revolutionizing themetrology of time and frequencies.

The second part concerns the application of these new tools on three main fields, already identified,others that may occur during the thesis.

As an extension of his research activity, the doctoral student could also participate in thedevelopment of SigmaTheta, the software suite for time-frequency metrology initiated at OSUTHETA (https://theta.obs-besancon.fr/spip.php?article103, CeCILL license)

Candidate profile: Master of Physics or Applied Mathematics


PhD Proposal : Ultra-compact transportable ULE cavity

We are proposing a PhD thesis subject within the Time and Frequency department at FEMTO-ST. The work will be done within the OHMS (Oscillators, Clocks, Metrology and Systems) team, which
is renowned for its work on ultra-stable microwave oscillators, miniature Cs cell atomic clocks, and optical references.

The PhD thesis will be dedicated to the design of the mechanical mount, thermal shielding andspacer of the new cavity, as well as its metrological characterization.

If interested, please send a CV and motivation letter, and cover letters when available.
For additional information, please visit our webpage: Group webpage: http://teams.femto-st.fr/equipe-ohms/

PhD Proposal : Nanorobotic origami unfolded at the end of optic fiber

The PhD proposal includes the design, manufacture and control of characterization systems and/or nanorobots to operate at very small dimensional scales. It involves characterizing systems of nanometric dimensions or manipulating nanometric objects. Making nanosensors or active structures (nanorobots) at the end of the optical fiber is an solution, but it involves both theoretical and technical challenges. In this PhD, we propose an original approach based on the deployment of a structure set up at the end of the fiber using robotic means under SEM.