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Post PhD positions

PhD Student Position in integration of a micromachined endomicroscope for OCT imaging in gastroenterology


The final goal of this research position is to contribute to the development of a new generation of miniature optical instruments based on advanced MOEMS and micro-robotics technologies. The challenge is to provide handheld, low-cost endomicroscopes, adapted for early in-vivo diagnosis of cancer and performing automated tasks, such as stabilization of the endoscope tip during manual therapeutic actions or semi-automatic tumour resection.
The PhD workplan will include the assembly of MOEMS and MEMS components to build a complete endomicroscopy microsystem mounted on a robotic arm. In particular, the work will include the integration of MEMS scanner within the OCT endomicroscope. The candidate will perform both optical and micromechanical characterisation of the resulting OCT microsystem including the implementation of image processing procedures, the optimization of actuators control as well as the experimental validation during a session of clinical trials at the local University Hospital. The candidate is expected to write a PhD within the 3-years period.
The applicant must hold a master degree in physics, photonics, micro/opto-electronics, microtechnology or related areas. The applicant should be strongly motivated to carry out research within the area of Biophotonic Microsystems. The candidate should have background in optics, in OCT technologies as well as an experience in cleanroom activities. Proficiency in English is required

Start : October 2017

Contact : Christophe Gorecki

More informations (pdf, 31 Ko)

Characterization of fuel cell stacks for automotive application

The assigned tasks include:
- Improving the comprehension of fault mechanisms and ageing due to the automotive usages.
- Understanding potentials for improving efficiency on a system level and increasing stack durability by developing advanced characterization methods for FC stacks dedicated to automotive applications (+ improvement of the most promising existing ones).
- Implementing advanced characterization methods in stack monitoring system for system control (on-board, at lower cost).
- Assessment of durability of cells/stack for different automotive operation profiles and ASTs (accelerated Stress Tests); updating ASTs.
- Recommendation of optimal operation modes and mitigation techniques for fault and ageing for industrials’ needs.
- Regular reporting and communication of the results.


The duration of the position is 1 year, starting in September 2017. Please forward your application until 21.07.2017 including all relevant information (curriculum vitae, motivation letter, testimonials etc.) to:

Design and experimental implementation of a periodic nonlinear vibration energy harvester

Description of the project
The mechanical structures are subjected to ambient and internal vibrations, which could be exploited to produce energy by using suitable transducers, which convert the mechanical energy into electrical energy. The energy produced in these cases can be stored and used in low-energy consuming applications for which autonomy is a priority regardless of the external conditions in which these structures are located. This energy harvesting approach is suitable to small-scale smart systems such as wireless sensor networks or portable embedded systems for various applications such as monitoring, diagnosis and control in the fields of urban transport, aeronautics, biomedical, environment…

Candidate profile
The candidate should have a PhD degree in applied mechanics, physics or engineering sciences. He/she has to prove his/her relevant skills in the following disciplines: energy harvesting, nonlinear dynamics, Instrumentation and vibration experiments. A disposition for experimental work is required. Proficiency in English is important.

Noureddine BOUHADDI, Full Professor, University Bourgogne Franche-Comté :
Najib KACEM, Associate Professor, University Bourgogne Franche-Comté :

Salary: About 2 350 € /month (subject to funding availability)
Duration: 12 months
Contract start date: September 2017

Acoustic Micro-antennas caracterisation


Various sensing technologies have been developed in the Smart Skins program funded by the labex ACTION ( The present project aims at characterizing acoustic micro-antenna (CMUT) newly produced. Applications are related to non-destructive evaluation.


A first phase will be devoted to the characterization with various experimental apparatus and considering different operational conditions (materials, environment...). The multiphysics modeling will represent a second important facet of the project. This projects aims at responding to a double objective, “scientific�? and “technological�?. The candidate will thus be involved in the design and fabrication of a demonstrator illustrating the real time detection of elastic waves related to damages in composites and to data processing for surveillance purposes.

CV has be sent to in addition to any other information giving a hand to evaluate the quality of the candidate.