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Open positions

Open positions at FEMTO-ST

Teaching / research careers

The CNRS offers positions for permanent researchers. We are always in search of excellent scientists interested by such positions and willing to conduct research in our departements and groups. Please contact us directly for more information.
General information can be obtained from this site.
See our assistant professor / professor positions at Université de Franche-Comté, UTBM and ENSMM.

PhD positions

If you are a foreign student graduating from a French Master of Science, or you are a national from the European Union and associated countries, you may apply for a PhD grant with us. In all other cases, application possibilities may depend on your actual curriculum. Please contact us for more information.
See the proposal posts

Post PhD

You just have supported a thesis and you want to have a complementary high level research experience.
Open positions are to be provided in our institute.
See the proposed posts

Training courses

If you are a student, or in your engineer's school final year and if you are looking for a training course of 3 months in an internationally recognised laboratory. FEMTO-ST offers many training courses all along the year.

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