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APPLIED MECHANICS : Master Internship best configuration for fruit and vegetable elastography

Context :
The proposed internship is part of a collaborative research project, supported by Collegium SMYLE, in which are associated Femto-ST (https://www.femto-st.fr/fr @ UBFC), and Soft Transducer Lab
(https://www.epfl.ch/labs/lmts/ @ EPFL).

The main objectives of this master internship are to first establish some numerical simulations to assess the best configuration for fruit and vegetable elastography.

The internship will start in February 2022 and end on July 2022

This master internship will take place in the Applied Mechanics department of FEMTO-ST institute in Besançon and be supervised by Prof. Morvan Ouisse (D-SMART) and Dr. Kanty Rabenorosoa (Micro and Nano
Robotics team, AS2M department.

The following candidate profiles is expected for this internship: Mechanics, Mechatronics, etc.


The candidate has to send his CV and a cover letter by email to Prof. Morvan Ouisse morvan.ouisse@femto-st.fr and Dr. Kanty Rabenorosoa rkanty@femto-st.fr. The application of the internship will be closed at the end of December 2021.

+ d'infos :
PDF icon internship_elastography_2021.pdf