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Project – “Study of platelets-collagen interactions with QCM based microfluidic sensor approach”

Project Description
The candidate will be involved in the project dedicated to the development of microfluidic sensor solutions for the assessment of primary haemostasis. The candidate’s work will be specifically focused on the characterization of the collagen modified sensor surface and on experimental study of platelets-collagen interactions with Surface plasmon resonance imaging (SPRi) sensor. The objective is to better understand and characterize, thanks to SPRi, the surface events appearing at the level of collagen and platelets on a QCM sensor. On the basis of obtained results, the successful candidate will have an opportunity to complete the master diploma work under supervision of the responsible project leaders.

Particular tasks
- Processing of the collagen based bio-interfaces
- Characterization of the collagen based bio-interfaces (surface coverage and density, kinetics of grafting, …) with SPRi
- Experimental investigation of platelet-collagen interaction with SPRi : kinetics of interaction, effect of shear forces
- Study of bio-interfaces with optical microscopy and AFM

Internship : Implementation of a clinical test-bench for middle ear surgery

This internship  takes part in a project which propose a surgical robotic system dedicated to the surgery of the middle ear.

The main objective of this internship is to implement first a realistic simulator and later a clinical test-bench which will be used for validating the different control laws and methods for in-situ diagnostic proposed by the MiNaRoB team of FEMTO-ST institute

Profile : A student in the third year of engineering school or master 2 that has a good background in programming (C/C++, Javascript, Qt), mechatronics, computer vision / image processing or related field.

Intership: biocomposites for high-end audio applications

In the frame of a large European Project which aims at developing advanced bio-based composites, the main objective of the internship will be to estimate the structural dynamics properties of hifi components that includes flax fibers-based components

The internship will take place in FEMTO-ST, Department of Applied Mechanics, in close collaboration with the firm « Wilson Benesch » which is one of the world leaders on carbon fibers-based high end speakers