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Master 2 Internship : Coherent control of nanomechanical resonator motion using surface acoustic waves

Master 2 internship : Coherent control of nanomechanical resonator motion using surface acoustic waves d

The MN2S department of the FEMTO-ST Institute has recently launched a set of activities lying atthe merging of Phononics and Nanomechanics

The objective of this work programme is to build an on-chip all-electromechanical signal procesing platform capable to operate in both the classical and quantum regimes.

Expected Internship Period:01/03/2020 to 31/08/2020.

Work place :Institut FEMTO-ST, département MN2S.

Supervision :Sarah Benchabane, Abdelkrim Khelif



Contact : Sarah Benchabane - mail : sarah.benchabane@femto-st.fr - Tel :

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Study of quasiperiodic nonlinear metastructures for vibroacoustic energy trapping

Objectives and main tasks
The objective of the internship is to model and simulate the vibroacoustic behavior of quasiperiodic nonlinear metastructures by combining two properties: (i) near-periodicity which enables to confine the energy close to the imperfections and (ii) distributed or localized nonlinearities allowing the creation of multimode solution branches to enlarge the frequency bandwidth and formation of solitons for energy transport improvement. These properties will be exploited to establish design rules for the implementation of a vibroacoustic energy harvester.

The internship
program includes the main following tasks:
1- Establish the dynamic continuum model of a nonlinear VEH based on periodic metastructures with imperfections (quasiperiodic).
2- Derive the discrete elementary equivalent model (spring-mass-damper) of the periodic/quasiperiodic system including localized or distributed nonlinearities.
3- Transform the discrete model into a nonlinear Schrödinger equation to determine the intrinsic localized modes (solitons).
4- Establish the link between the solutions of Schrödinger equation and the solutions of the discrete model.
5- Establish some design rules for a VEH implementation.

6 months from 01/02/2020 (or 01/03/2020) to 31/07/2020 (or 31/08/2020)




Noureddine BOUHADDI

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Master’s internship proposal on Tribology of Bulk Metallic Glasses

The  TFCS  group of FEMTO-ST institute is studying  the tribological  performance of Bulk Metallic Glasses (BMGs) through experimental tests  in  close  collaboration with an european company producing BMGs of various compositions in series.

The trainee will reinforce the project team associated with this study in the framework of the TriboRAMA project beginning on February 2020.

The trainee will conduct sliding and rolling friction tests using two instrumented tribometers. These tests will be carried out on  various BMG compositions  and  by  varying contact  conditions.

Following these tests, the trainee will characterize the frictional response and the friction-induced surface modifications to o quantify the tribological performance of BMGs according to various contact conditions