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OPTICS : Tenure Track Professor Position in Photonic

Optics department from FEMTO-ST Insitute is hiring  1 Professor in Photonics en association with Graduate School EIPHI.

Research activities : The candidate will carry out research within one of the three research groups of the Optics Department of FEMTO-ST Institute. Advanced photonics technologies provide new functionalities in nonlinear optics, non-conventional imaging, computing hardware and information processing, but also in ultrafast photonic sciences and nanophotonics. The development of new expertise and concepts within FEMTO-ST’s photonics roadmap is based on the design of new sources, sensors as well as reconfigurable or even self-adapting systems, including nanophotonic systems and/or systems augmented by machine learning.
The candidate will develop top-level research activities in a theme related to one or several of the following fields: artificial intelligence in photonics, photonic neural networks, nonlinear photonics, ultrafast photonics, quantum technologies in photonics, micro- and nano-photonics or computational imaging. Ideally, the resulting disruptive approaches should be positioned at the crossroads of several fields, including, for instance, artificial intelligence, photonic nanotechnologies, or quantum physics. As an example, a research project could involve the development of innovative, low-power photonic devices or systems with the ability to process space-time signals over a wide
spectral range. Research projects will aim at the emergence of applications in key areas such as communication, computing, microscopy, transport, health, environment, industry 5.0 or security with a reduced energy footprint.

Teaching activities : This Tenure Track position is associated with both undergraduate and graduate programs that are strongly supported and/or coordinated by the FEMTO-ST Optics Department: Bachelor in Physics/CMI PICS and Master e-Phot of the Graduate School EIPHI. The Master programs are taught in English. These programs aim to develop experimentation-based training to be implemented in the FEMTO-ST Openlab platform. This involves project-based learning through work immersion in the Optics Department working with CNRS researchers, and in the SMARTLIGHT platform (Equipex+) working with research engineers. Training programs also involve working on projects and internships with the research teams, as well as international exchanges with partner universities in Europe and elsewhere.

The University of Franche-Comté has obtained the European HRS4R label. As such, it implements the European human resources strategy for researchers.


OPTICS : Associate Professor in Optical Physics, Biomedical devices

Department Optics recruit 1Associate Professor in in optical physics to teach in biomedical Engineering in the field of medical devices.

The University of Franche-Comté has the HRS4R label. As such, it implements the European human resources strategy for researchers.

Research Profile : The candidate will join the FEMTO-ST Institute, a CNRS 6174 joint research unit, which carries out research falling within the 30th section of the CNU. He/she will join the Optics research department (https://www.femto-st.fr/en/Research-departments/OPTICS/Presentation). The candidate should have an experimental research background, closely linked to one or more of the following topics, focusing on optics, photonics and their applications: quantum technology and engineering; non-linear photonics; lasers, sensors and optical fibres; ultrafast optics and photonics; artificial intelligence in photonics; photonic and plasmonic micro- and nano-systems.

Teaching Profile : The recruited person will teach at the Institut Supérieur d'Ingénieurs de Franche-Comté (ISIFC) in Besançon, specialized in biomedical engineering and medical devices (https://isifc.univ-fcomte.fr/).
The successful candidate will be involved in teaching physics in the french engineer biomedical program, as well as in the international master's program in biomedical engineering. The teaching concern wave physics, physical measurements, optics and acoustics applied to medical devices, including medical imaging. The recruted teacher have to explored to integrate sustainable development into most of the training modules. The teacher recruited will demonstrate conviction and initiate new avenues in this direction. Teaching will take the form of tutorials and practical work. The teacher will use active learning methods and participate in the supervision of student projects and internships. He/she will be involved in these 2 trainings and will be a driving force behind the teaching team. With his or her multidisciplinary experience, he/she will be able to reinforce other core courses where necessary.


MN2S/ OPTICS/ TF : Associate Professor in Optics, Photonics and waves

 MN2S/OPTICS/ TF Departments recruit 1 Associate Professor in optics and photonics, or wave physics.

Research : The candidate will join the FEMTO-ST Institute, a CNRS 6174 joint research unit, which carries out research in the 30th section of the CNU. He/she will join one of the following three research departments:

To join the Micro nano Sciences and Systems department (MN2S, https://www.femto-st.fr/fr/Departement-de-recherche/MN2S/Presentation), the candidate will have to present a research project linked, for example, to the following themes: quantum technologies; opto-mechanics; optical nano- and micro-systems; photon-phonon interactions; optical forces and moments; optical metamaterials and metasurfaces; numerical models of optical materials.

To join the OPTICS department (https://www.femto-st.fr/fr/Departements-de-recherche/OPTIQUE/Presentation), candidates should have a research profile closely related to the following optics and photonics-related topics: quantum technology and engineering; nonlinear photonics; lasers, sensors and optical fibers; ultrafast optics and photonics; artificial intelligence in photonics; photonic and plasmonic micro- and nanosystems.

For the Time-Frequency department, the candidate will be part of the OHMS team (https://teams.femto-st.fr/equipe-ohms/). He/she will be involved in the development of atomic clocks and sensors with high metrological performance. He/she will need to use the most advanced laser spectroscopy techniques, light interactions with atoms or ions in various confinement regimes (hot atoms in cells, laser-cooled atoms, trapped ions, etc.), with highly controlled optical fields and by exploiting original interrogation techniques. The architectures of the devices developed will ultimately aim at compactification, or even miniaturization, with the possible support of MOEMS technologies and integrated photonics, in order to facilitate their deployment outside the laboratory.

The candidate will need to demonstrate his/her ability to lead research initiatives at the highest level. A strong commitment to setting up, monitoring, carrying out and steering national and international collaborative research projects (ANR, H2020) and/or partnerships (industry, Europe, FUI) is expected. The ability and willingness to take on collective responsibilities within the local ecosystem will be particularly appreciated.


 Research activities : michael.gauthier@femto-st.fr

Teachind activities : vincent.ballenegger@univ-fcomte.fr

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