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TF : Post-Doc Microcell-based optical clocks

Context : At FEMTO-ST, we work on the development of microcell-based optical clocks. A first demonstrator is based on the frequency stabilization of a 895 nm laser onto a Cs microcell using dual-frequency sub-Doppler spectroscopy [8]. Other studies are starting by using the two-photon transition of Rb atom at 778 nm [5,6]. Numerous metrological and technological studies remain to be performed to push these clocks to their ultimate performances. The candidate will be fully involved on this research topic and will contribute to the progress of this strategic activity at FEMTO-ST. The candidate will contribute to the implementation of lab-prototype microcell based optical clocks and to their metrological characterization, in particular for its frequency stability.

The candidate will integrate the team-project “Miniature cell clocks” at FEMTO-ST, involving members of the OHMS group (http://teams.femto-st.fr/equipe-ohms/) [Time-Frequency Dpt] and members of the MOSAIC group (https://teams.femto-st.fr/MOSAIC/en) [Micro-Nano Sciences and Systems Dpt]. The team-project in which the candidate will evolve is currently composed of 3 researchers, 1 postdoc and 4 PhD students. The candidate will benefit from the support of electronics/mechanics/computing services at FEMTO-ST and of an infrastructure devoted to time-frequency metrology (http://oscillator-imp.com/dokuwiki/doku.php) and MEMS technologies (https://www.femto-st.fr/e /Platforms/MIMENTO-Presentation). The candidate will communicate results in scientific journals and international conferences.

The candidate has a PhD. The candidate should have a significant interest for applied physics sciences in general. Background with atomic clocks or sensors and metrology will be a strong plus-value. The candidate should enjoy working in a team group

Application :

Requis : PhD thesis in physics / applied physics / engineering sciences
Start: From 1st september 2022
Duration : 1 year + 1-time extension possible
Salary: between 2500 and 3700 € (gross salary), depending on years of experience
Procedure: Apply on https://emploi.cnrs.fr/Offres/CDD/UMR6174-RODBOU-001/Default.aspx

POST-DOC Position in Computer Vision

3D pose estimation with digital holography microscopy for micro-robotics metrology

The aim of the post-doc is to demonstrate for the first time the new capabilities for 3D pose estimation in micro-robotics permitted by digital holography microscopy and resulting from the combination of the nanometer Z-sensitivity of interferometry together with the marker-based measure with nanometric resolution in the XY plane.

MN2S - Phononics, NEMS/MEMS, Quantum Acoustics

A post-doctoral position is now open at FEMTO-ST to work within the European Research Council funded project uNIQUE (NanophononIcs for QUantum Information ProcEssing).

The project aims at elaborating an information processing platform at the crossing of phononics, nano-electromechanical systems and quantum acoustics.

The candidate will be involved in the development of radio-frequency phononic devices operating down to the tens of mK range.

Potential candidates shall apply through the CNRS Job Portal: https://bit.ly/3H3LX50