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TF : Development of a stabilized laser on a sub-Kelvin Fabry-Perot cavity Lieu

The candidate will join the OHMS team of the Time-Frequency department of FEMTO-ST. The candidate must have a major interest in high-precision measurements, present skills in optics, electronics and instrumentation. The knowledge of mechanical design and fundamental physics is a real asset. He or she will evolve within a team made up of researchers, engineers and technicians, and will have the support of the electronic, mechanical and IT departments of the FEMTO-ST Institute and the OSCILLATOR-IMP infrastructure of excellence, dedicated to time & frequency metrology. The candidate will present their work at international conferences and will aim to have their work published in international journals.

The subject is : Development of a stabilized laser on a sub-Kelvin Fabry-Perot cavity

Abstract : Ultra-stable lasers have a central role in numerous scientific experiments for high precision measurements: atomic spectroscopy, diffusion of time & frequency signals by optical fiber, detection of gravitational waves and dark matter research. The performances are currently reaching fractional frequency stabilities below 10-16 at 1 second of integration. However, it is still insufficient for many applications including fundamental physics tests and optical atomic clocks.[...]

Prerequisites : PhD in Physics
Desired skills:
Optical frequency metrology, Gaussian optics in free-space, Analog, digital and radio-frequency electronics, Control theory and locking/feedback techniques, Instrumentation, Cryogenic and ultra-high vacuum, Analysis and interpretation of noise and sources of noises
Contract duration :
1 year - Salary : approximately €2300 net


AS2M : Post-Doc - in Robotics for the automated handling and characterization of micrometer-sized biosourced objects

Department ASM offer a post-PhD - 2 years  in the RAIDO European Project : Reliable AI and Data Optimization - in Robotics for the automated handling and characterization of micrometer-sized biosourced objects

Context : RAIDO: Reliable AI and Data Optimization (website under construction, a brief description is given as appendix). The project RAIDO falls within the framework of the development of trustworthy and green AI. It is a Horizon Europe (Cluster 4) research and innovation project especially targeting a human-centered and ethical development of digital and industrial technologies.
In this project, we are deploying innovative robotic and automation solutions aimed at helping the human operator to carry out particularly complex tasks with a high societal and ecological impact. In particular, our work focuses on an experimental platform for the characterization of plant fibers (hemp, flax, nettle), which are particularly difficult for human operators to handle, due to their very small dimensions (around 20μm in diameter) and the very low forces to be applied, beyond the limits of human dexterity. 

Profil : PhD in Robotics,Roboticist, Engineering background
- Experience in robot design and control (trajectory control, position, force and
visual servoing), mastery of a programming language, CAD design, finite element
- Ability to define and conduct experiments
- Curiosity, motivation, hard-working, enjoy working in a group
- Fluent in written and spoken English