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Post-doc Researcher : Microcell-based optical frequency reference and advanced protocols

Post-doc Researcher : Microcell-based optical frequency reference and advanced protocols

The candidate will integrate the OHMS group (http://teams.femto-st.fr/equipe-ohms/) at FEMTO-ST Time-Frequency department (www.femto-st.fr). The candidate should enjoy applied physics sciences, high-precision measurements, optics, electronics and instrumentation. A background in atomic physics and mechanical design is an actual plus-value. The candidate will evolve in a group composed of researchers, engineers and technicians, will benefit from electronics, mechanics and computing services of FEMTO-ST and of a high-level time-frequency metrology platform (http://oscillatorimp.com/dokuwiki/doku.php). The candidate will present his/her work in international conferences and will aim to publish in high-impact scientific journals

Required diploma: PhD thesis in physics/applied physics/engineering sciences

Start: as soon as 01 October 2020

Contract duration: 1 year (+possible 1-year extension)

Salary: between 2648 and 3768 € “bruts”, depending on experience.

Procedure: Send a CV, motivation letter to Rodolphe Boudot (see contact below).

Postulate officially on CNRS website at: https://emploi.cnrs.fr/Offres/CDD/UMR6174-SARDJA-006/Default.aspx


Dr Rodolphe Boudot - Tél :

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Post-doctoral Position :Miniaturized biosensor for the qualification of advanced therapy medicinal products

The post-doctoral work addresses the development of a miniaturized biosensor for the monitoring and detection of potential bacterial cell contamination in medicinal products. Specificity, sensitivity and rapid response are the three points to focus on in the proposed work. First step will be dedicated to design, including multiphysics simulation (waves properties in a complex liquid environment) of the device. Second step will concern fabrication (including clean room processes), strategies for miniaturization and experimental validation. The device will be tested in several conditions with biologists to validate its efficiency in the qualification of new medicinal products.

The objective of the post-doctoral project is the compliance of a miniaturized biosensor for off-line qualification of biological fluids. At medium-term, this device is developed for being integrated in the biodrug production line and/or in a lab-on-chip for an on-line biodetection of dedicated species.

Candidate profil

The candidate will benefit from the skills and experience of our laboratory in the field of microtechnology, acoustic devices, microfluidic, instrumentation, nanocharacterization, biochemistry and will operate in the clean-room facilities of FEMTO-ST.

She/he will be involved in the design (FEM simulations), microfabrication of prototypes including the fluidic cell with acoustic transducer and in the experimental setup to control the microfluidic devices.

The candidate should be qualified in applied physics or engineering sciences and with a strong interest for interdisciplinary environment and experiments. He/she should possess skills among MEMS, biosensors, acoustics, instrumentation and multiphysics simulation. Some knowledge on biomedical aspects will be appreciated.