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Applied Mechanics : Probabilistic multi-scale and multi-objective optimization of wood/natural fiber composite hybrid laminates

Objective and tasks :
The main objective of this postdoctoral fellowship is the multi-objective optimization of wood/natural fiber composite hybrid laminates. To do so, the uncertainties and variability of the input parameters will be considered at different scales to maximize the bending strength and rigidity while minimizing the areal weight of the resulting hybrid laminates. The approach will, in particular, consider the spatial heterogeneity of the orthotropic elastic properties of wood veneers, the uncertainties on the nominal elastic properties of plant fiber composite plies and on the geometrical of wood and composite plies. The work will be performed by using a numerical tool developed in the team, based on Finite Elements Analysis and an in-house software developed for uncertainty propagation.

Profile required
▪ PhD thesis related to the mechanical modelling of composite materials and/or wooden materials.

▪ Proficiency in sensitivity analysis for optimization problems.

▪ Softwares: proficient with Matlab and FEM (ABAQUS)

▪ Curious, self-motivated, hard-worker

▪ English: fluent reading, writing and speaking with ease

Duration12months (December2021–November2022)

Salary (gross annual) : 32K€