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Postdoctoral research assistant position

Opened in the frame of ANR project entitled "Integration  of  LiNbO3 films  to  Silicon  technology  for  ultra-wide  band  and high-frequency  RF  filters  (LiLit)"

The  postdoctoral  researcher will  work  on  the  simulations  and  design  of  BAW devices, the electrical  poling  of  the  films  and  characterization  of ferroelectric domain  structure,  the microfabrication  of  SAW  and  BAW  devices  in  the  clean  room  facilities  and  their characterization.

Untethered microrobot for cell sorting

The FEMTO-ST Institute aims to develop a microrobot equipped with gripping capabilities moved and actuated remotely. The robot should be able to navigate in a blood sample to grasp a given cell, and bring it to a desired location for further biological analysis. This microrobot should be less than 1 millimeter long, biocompatible and vision based controlled. The candidate will be in charge of the design, the fabrication and the control of the robot, as well as the experimental validation. He/she will also be responsible of all reporting and communication related to the work.   

Nanostratification metal / ceramic for ultrahard coatings

Metal nitrides of titanium and aluminum (TiAl) N are coatings used since many years for their outstanding properties of hardness and resistance to oxidation [1]. To further improve the mechanical performances, we are currently exploring the use of cyclic control signal reactive sputtering (RGPP), a process patented in 2006 [[4].

The technological challenge is to develop functional coatings with optimal mechanical performances, including very high hardness (HIT>40 GPa). The study consists in a numerical modelling of indentation of multi-layer TiAl/TiAlN titanium and aluminium-based coatings. The scientific challenge is to understand the phenomena causing the superlattice effect, i.e. the increase in hardness measured at low stacking periods (4 and 10 nm).

This work of numerical modelling, model-experience interaction and sensitivity analysis will be carried out by the post-doctoral fellow for 12 months. At the end of the project, the optimization of the model will make
it possible to digitally find a nanolaminate solution that maximizes hardness. This nanolaminate product will be developed, its hardness validated experimentally by nanoindentation and its microstructure characterized by X-ray diffraction (DRX). 

Required profile:
PhD in the field of mechanic of material and structure, with a strong background in numerical simulation and mechanical testing.


Fabrice RICHARD : fabrice.richard@univ-fcomte.fr


+ d'infos :
PDF icon phd-meca_nano_fr-en.pdf

Origami-based Micro-Robots for Nanomanipulation in SEM

Abstract: The objective of these works is to propose original and novel 3D soft microrobotic architectures that will be active and with very high performances. Works will notably consist in the design, analytical modelling, fabrication and control of several robotics functionalities for microscale purpose. It is notably expected to use a thick piezoelectric films technology that have recently been developed in the Lab. (PDF file).

Contract: 12 months renewable. To be started in 2018.


Cédric CLEVY : cclevy@femto-st.fr

+ d'infos :
PDF icon nano-origami.pdf

Ultrasonic micro-sensor characterization for structure health check

Description :

The present project aims at characterizing micro-machined sensors (CMUT) newly produced. Applications are related to non-destructive evaluation.

Duration :

From september 3rd 2018 for a period of 1 year

Profile :

PhD or experience in material science, wave propagation in solids, data analysis. Open to data science, instrumentation and experimental test. Skills in programming, in particular Matlab. Skills in simulation in particular COMSOL. Team working, experience in interdisciplinary projects.