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Research Ingineer Project PULSACION

Subject : Composite interrogation protocols in miniaturized vapor cell atomic clocks

In the frame of the PULSACION project funded by Agence Nationale de la Recherche (ANR) (https://anr.fr/fileadmin/aap/2019/selection/aap-astrid-2019-selection.pdf), combining the expertise of FEMTO-ST and an industrial partner, the candidate will work on the implementation of advanced CW or Ramsey-based composite interrogation protocols in a microcell-based CPT clock.

Le (la) candidat(e) aura l’opportunité de travailler sur ce champ de recherche à l’aide d’un prototype d’horloge à microcellule déjà disponible au laboratoire. The candidate will have the opportunity to investigate this research path by using a microcell-based CPT clock prototype already available in the laboratory. 

The candidate should have a strong background PhD thesis experience in the domain of applied physics disciplines and/or atomic physics experiments. Some background in the domain of time-frequency metrology and atomic clocks is a clear plus-value. The candidate should have strong competences with instrumentation, coding and experiment piloting (Python language), digital and analog low-noise electronics. The first mission of the candidate will be to code, compute and implement the advanced composite clock sequences onto the microcell-based CPT clock prototype. Once fixed, the candidate will perform a rigorous metrological characterization of the clock stabilityperformances using different interrogation methods. The candidate should have also a good know-how with the implementation of optics and laser spectroscopy experiments.

Required background: PhD thesis in physics/applied physics/engineering sciences

Start date: as soon as 01 March 2020

Salary: about 2252 €/month net (after tax removal)

Procedure: Send a CV, motivation letter to Rodolphe Boudot