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PM2 Team

Processes and Mechanics of Materials


The principal focus areas of our PM2 team are the characterization and modeling of the mechanical behavior of materials for and by processes (incremental Forming, Hydroforming, µ Forging).

Goals and Research Areas

This area of research is closely connected to the development of instrumented experimental devices, targeting the characterization of materials in all its forms (sheets, tubes, bulk), under stress conditions near those of manufacturing (incremental Forming, Hydroforming, µForming). It also targets the use of manufacturing processes as tools to characterize highly deformed materials and at different scales (micro and macro).

The final objective is to determine laws of behavior allowing finer modeling and simulation of states of stress during the forming of components.


The specific skills of the team members lie in their proficiency with the instruments of manufacturing processes and microfabrication (metal, polymers, carbides and ceramics) used in micromechanics, in clock and watch making, in the biomedical field, in transportation or in armaments.

In addition, the PM² team members are experts in the technologies associated with the production of instrumented tools, and with the modeling of the behavior of materials under processing conditions. They also possess a proven culture in digital modeling and simulations of metal forming processes in the macro and micro domains (incremental Forming, Hydroforming, µForming, µStamping).

Implementing our work

The PM² team’s activities have led to numerous instances of scientific and technical collaboration through industrial relations (private contracts, FUI projects, ISI projects, FEDER). The team members also collaborate on the microfabrication platform MIFHySTO.

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