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Laboratoires communs

Joint laboratories & stuctures

FEMTO-ST Institute collaborates with the following laboratories or structures :


LPMX : a CNRS laboratory joint with TEMEX firm.

FC-LAB Institute

FC LAB Institue : a joint laboratory whose activities are centred on integration, durability and reliability of fuel cell systems

LNE Laboratory

FEMTO-ST is associated with the BNM (national department of metrology) and accredited by COFRAC (french accreditation committee) to realize calibrations of "time-frquency" apparatus.

Georgia Tech - CNRS, UMI 2958

FEMTO-ST is a partner of the joint unit GT-CNRS (which belongs to the CNRS and the Georgia Institute of Technology) located in Metz.

European laboratory in microtechnics

The franco-swiss LEA µTechnique gathers laboratories as well as research & transfer groups

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