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CL200 cleaner bonder

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CL200 cleaner bonder

CL200 Cleaner Bonder
IR200 Inspection module

Contact :

Sylwester BARGIEL
TEMIS Sciences building
03 81 66 63 02 (Office)

Location :

TEMIS cleanroom
Wafer Bonding Area

Principle :

The CL200 equipment allows in a single sequence to clean, to dry, to align approximately and to pre-bond two substrates. Thnaks to a laminar flow, it provides an assembly free of any particles or contaminants. Each step is independent, it is possible to use the equipment only for cleaning and drying only one or even two substrates simultaneously.

The IR200 inspection module completes the equipment in order to assess the "prebonding" quality by infrared light transmission.

Technical specifications :

CL200 :

- Configuration: 3'' and 4 '' substrates / 4'' and 5'' masks
- Substrates vacuum support : unable to process drilled substrates
- DI water cleaning improved by megasonic nozzle jets
- Flat to flat alignment of the two substrates before prebonding

IR200 :

- Supplied with image and video capture software
- Camera 2/3 inch camera with 1.45 million CCD sensor
- Substrate size max: 4" (diameter : 100mm)