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Chemical mechanical polishing/planarization machine (CMP)

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Chemical mechanical polishing/planarization machine (CMP)

Chemical Mechanical Polishing/Planarization machine (CMP) (Alpsitec E460)

Contact :

Ludovic Gauthier-Manuel
TEMIS Sciences Building -Office N1-23
03 81 66 63 94 (Office)
03 63 08 24 36 (Lapping/Polishing room)

Location :

TEMIS Sciences Building
Lapping/Polishing room (RC-30)

Principle :

Complementary to the lapping/polishing machine (Logitech), this new equipment dedicated to polishing of complete wafers allows better reproducibility of the processes by setting many parameters on customizable programs. The opportunity to work on providing more abrasive materials at the same time can allow the development of oriented microelectronics processes with different abrasion rates depending on the materials.

The high pressure and its high rotational speed allow saving time on standard processes on bulk wafer. Furthermore the integrated packaging of polishing pads ensures an optimum cleaning, saving homogeneity and polished quality.

Technical characteristics :

- Wafers 2 "to 4" (up to 6 "and samples of specific forms)
- Vacuum sample support + ring
- Nitrogen back-pressure
- Automatic coating system and customizable for abrasive materials
- Multi-abrasive possibility
- Customizable multi-step programs
- Plate diameter: 46 cm
- Roughness obtained: range of nanometer
- Packaging polishing pads
- Maximum speed: 120 rpm / min

Achieved results :