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XPS analysis system

XPS analysis system (Thermo VG)

Contact :

Virginie Blondeau-Patissier
ENSMM Building, chemin de l’Epitaphe
03 81 40 29 58 (Office)

Location :

TEMIS Sciences Building

Principle :

X Photoelectron Spectrometry enables to characterize the chemical condition and the electronic structure of elements constituting the most external atomic layers. At the nanometric scale, the crystalline structure, the surface and interface chemical composition can be characterized, and their evolution during the reaction can be in situ analysed.

Technical characteristics :

- X-ray source : 45° tilted relatively to the surface
- Multisample introduction lock
- Analysis chamber : where the target is irradiated
- Detection and analysis system oriented perpendicularly to the surface
- A manipulator system (4 axis, +/- 12.5mm, Z=50 mm) with heating element (750°C) (temperature studies possible)
- The device set permanently works with a vacuum of 10-10 Torr.