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Alliance Concept AC450 DC/RF Sputtering

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Alliance Concept AC450 DC/RF Sputtering

AC450 DC/RF Sputtering (Alliance Concept)

Contact :

Christophe ROUSSELOT
MN2S department – MINAMAS Team
03 81 99 47 14

Location :

Montbéliard building

Principle :

Multi-target sputtering equipment enabling to deposit every kind of inorganic materials (metallic and ceramic) onto every type of substrates. Possibility of process assistance by using wafer holder polarisation, substrate heating up to 850ºC or ionic bombardment.

Technical characteristics :

- Gas : argon, acetylene, nitrogen, oxygen and any other gas or gas mixture
- Two 2 inch DC magnetron cathodes with one reinforced magnetron adapted to magnetic materials; one 2 inch RF magnetron cathode
- One 2 inch RF magnetron cathode
- Two 2 inch DC magnetron cathodes in confocal position to deposit two materials simultaneously
- Two DC supplying: 1.5 kW max - Power, intensity or voltage control
- Two RF supplying (13.56 MHz) : 300W
- Substrate polarization : DC (1.5kW) or RF (300W) mode
- Wafer holderubstrat : three inch rotary positionable polarisable and heating (up to 850ºC) holder
- Fitted with an ion beam (microwaves 2.45GHz) : ionic bombardment with argon ions whose energy reaches 2000eV
- Pumping system : backing pump VARIAN 1002 Turbo VARIAN VT 1001

Sputtered materials :

- Al, Ti, Cr, Ni, Cu, Ag, Nb, W, V, Fe, Mo, B, Zr, Ta, Si, C, Co

- NiTi, TiAl, SiO2, Ta2O5, Ni2MnGa or any other target or alloy materials