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ICP-DRIE Etching machine STS MPO 562

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ICP-DRIE Etching machine STS MPO 562

ICP-DRIE Etching machine STS MPO 562

Contact :

TEMIS Sciences Building - Office N1-22
03 81 66 55 83 (Office)
03 63 08 23 74 (Etching Room)

Location :

TEMIS Cleanroom
Etching Area

Principle :

Reactive Ion Etching consists in exposing a substrate to a plasma coming from the ionization of wisely chosen gas species. In the case of deep etching, the plasma gets denser by means of inductances stimulated by signals at 13.56 MHz. This process is called ICP for “Inductance Coupled Plasma�?. In this case, it is possible to achieve higher etching speed.

Technical characteristics :

- ICP Plasma source: 3kW RF
- Bias source: 1.5 kW RF
- Mechanical clamping with thermostated chuck from -20 to 40°C
- Turbomolecular secondary pump (2000 l/s)
- Sample sizes: from chips to 4 inch wafers
- Available gases: SF6, CF4, C4F8, He, O2 et Ar

Etched materials :

Silica SiO2, Silicon nitride Si3N4, Pyrex, Gallium ortho-phosphate GaPO4, Langasite LGS, Langatate LGT, Fused silica, Quartz, Lithium niobate LiNbO3, Lead titanate PbTiO3

Achieved results :