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Porous Si bench

Porous Si bench

Contact :

TEMIS Sciences building
03 63 24 24 90 (Office)

Location :

TEMIS Sciences building
Chemistry room

Principle :

Porous silicon is obtained by a monocrystalline silicon substrate etched in a concentrated hydrofluoric acid solution. A constant direct current makes possible the deep etching of the material and the formation of a homogeneous layer of porous silicon under the surface. The porosity (pore diameter, morphology) and the depth are controlled by electrochemical parameters like current density, time... The porosity varies from 20% to 90% and the depth from some nanometers to several hundred of micrometers.

Technical specifications :

- 4 inch substrates
- A HF tank : silicon substrate anodization (hydrofluoric acid electrolysis)
- Two rinsing tanks (calcium carbonate water)
- Two DI water tanks with overflows and nitrogen bubbling for rinsing
- A diluted acetic acid tank to pull out carbonate particles lying on the substrate and the wafer holder
- An isopropanol tank