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MIicrofabrication for MEchanics, Nanosciences, Thermics and Optics

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MIMENTO technology centre

I- Missions

Starting in the 1990s, MIMENTO (MIcrofabrication for Mechanics, Electronics, Nano-sciences, Thermal science and Optics), FEMTO-ST Technology Centre, has continuously developed new technologies for micro-mechanics, micro-nano-optics and micro-nano-acoustics. Now, thanks to a state-of-the-art set of equipments located in a vast clean-room, the centre offers the opportunity for different research teams to design and fabricate devices based on micro- and nano-technologies. In 2008, a new 400m² cleanroom has been built at TEMIS Innovation, Maison des Microtechniques, which extends up to 865m² the global cleanroom area available at MIMENTO (ISO 5 to 7).

This Technology Centre is organized around three modules: a “nanotechnology module�? for basic research in nanotechnology, a “cleanroom microfabrication module�? relying on a complete set of micro-devices fabrication tools, especially on non-silicon materials and a “R&D and Industrial Innovation shared module�? (including an industrial production line (‘pilot line’) for the fabrication of micro and nano-piezoelectric components and a manufacturing centre with specific tools).

MIMENTO is managed by a technical staff composed of 15 engineers and technicians whose function is to support different research projects (internal or external) carried out in MIMENTO clean-room. Its main missions are the development of new technologies, the management of high technology equipments (maintenance and evolution) and the user assistance (formation and advice about technological processes).

II- Opening to external demands

Within the context of the technological centres opening (Renatech network), FEMTO-ST Institute commits to perform projects supported by external laboratories or by industrial partners for research collaboration. Each demand will be examined by a local committee and will lead to a discussion with the technical staff to check the feasibility of the project, its cost and the fabrication time. Depending on the technological project, external people will be invited to perform themselves some technological steps in the cleanroom.

To submit a project, follow the instructions on the Renatech website.

III- Services and transfers

The main FEMTO-ST partner to insure services and transfer missions is FEMTO ENGINEERING. Transfer activities take place as technological services provision (technical studies, prototyping and industrialization studies). These missions are fundamental to develop and maintain exchanges between research and industry.

IV- Main partnerships with other technological platforms

MIMENTO is a member of the “RENATECH�? network (French national network for large facilities involved in technological research in the field of micro and nanotechnology). This network is a partnership between six huge national academic technology centers (FMNT (Grenoble), IEF (Orsay), LPN (Marcoussis), IEMN (Lille), LAAS (Toulouse), FEMTO-ST (Besançon)) and CEA – LETI (Grenoble). The purpose of this network is to support French research by providing access to fabrication facilities and technology expert advices for interested research teams. It is also open to regional, national and international industrial partners for research collaboration.

Regionally, FEMTO-ST Institute is associated with the Microtechniques Center (a regional cluster of microtechnology-based companies and research centres). Associated with the proximity Technological centres of Nancy/Strasbourg, it is also part of The Competences Centre in Nanosciences Grand Est (C'Nano Grand Est).

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