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Deep Reactive Ion Etching (DRIE) ALCATEL

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Deep Reactive Ion Etching (DRIE) ALCATEL

Deep Reactive Ion Etching (DRIE) (ALCATEL)

Contact :

Temis Sciences building – Office N1-22
03 81 66 55 83 (Office)
03 63 08 23 74 (Dry Eching Area)

Location :

TEMIS cleanroom
Dry Etching area

Principle :

Silicon can be etched in an anisotropic (or isotropic) and dry way with the technology called “deep RIE�?. This method combines deposition and etching plasma assisted processes. While the silicon is etched, the process enables to deposit a fluorinated component on the pattern walls in order to passivate them. Etching-deposition cycles with given gases and time enable to etch deeply and anisotropically the silicon independently of its orientation.

Technical specifications :

- ICP source power : 2kW RF
- bias source power : 0.5 kW RF
- Mechanical clamping with cooled wafer holder (-20 to 30°C)
- Wafer size : pieces up to 4 inch
- Available gas : SF6, C4F8, He and O2

Etched materials :

This equipement is dedicated to the Si and SiO2 (<1µm) etching.

Table of etching performances :

Achieved results :