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Wafer Bonding EVG machine

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Wafer Bonding EVG machine

Wafer Bonding EVG machine

Contact :

Sylwester BARGIEL
TEMIS Sciences Building
03 81 66 63 02 (Office)

Location :

TEMIS Cleanroom
Wafer-bonding Area

Principle :

The wafer bonding machine enables to perform bondings between different types of materials (silicon, glass, etc.). It is fitted with a positioning system enabling an accurate placement of the wafers to be bonded.

Technical characteristics :

Possible bonding process :

• Anodic bonding Pyrex - Si
• Thermo-compression bonding by means of a intermediate layer (glass-frit, epoxy glue, gold, eutectic, etc.)
• Silicon Direct bonding (Si - Si)

Setting parameters :

• Temperature (up to 550°C)
• Force (up to 7000N)
• Voltage (up to 2000V)
• Vacuum: 10-3mbar
• 3 or 4 inch wafers
• Alignment: chuck compatible with the alignment system

Achieved results :