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Focus on the european MiMédi project

On Tuesday 11 June 2019, the teams of the FEMTO-ST Institute and the EFS Bourgogne-Franche-Comté will present, in the presence of representatives of the regional district, an important European research project on regional smart specialisation.  Bringing together 10 industrial and academic partners, it aims to optimize the manufacture of "drug cells" through new technological solutions.

Innovative medicines (Medi) have recently emerged to offer new treatment solutions for patients in therapeutic impasse. These "Medi" are based on the use of "drug cells" with new physiological functions, biological characteristics or reconstitutional properties inspired by the body's natural processes, but the manufacture of these drugs requires the use of complex technologies for cell sorting, amplification, genetic transduction, amplification-division, activation, at several stages of production and all this in a controlled clean room environment. Given these different manufacturing constraints, their production is therefore expensive. This is why a new conception of the current mode of production and qualification of the Medias is necessary.

This is the subject of the FEDER MiMédi project - Microtechniques pour les Médicaments Innovants - of smart specialisation (RIS3) which will make it possible to combine microtechnical skills with those of the production of tomorrow's medicines, paving the way for a promising future sector in the Region. These developments should ultimately facilitate the marketing of innovative medicines to combat public health problems such as cancer, inflammation and tissue repair.

This 4-year project, with a total budget of €13.6 million, is financed to the tune of €10.2 million by ERDF funds, €584,000 by the Regional Innovation Fund (RIF) and €2.8 million in self-financing. It is supported by ILSA and involves 5 other industrial partners, a transfer centre and 3 academic partners, including the University of Franche-Comté via FEMTO-ST.

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  • Programmable matter: world record attempt

    A FEMTO-ST research team is trying to get the record for the largest number of autonomous light blocks assembled in a structure approved by the "Guiness World Record".

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  • Rodolphe Boudot receives the 2020 EFTF Young Scientist Award

    The IEEE EFTF-IFCS 2021 is a joint conference of the European Frequency and Time Forum and the IEEE International Frequency Control Symposium. The 2021 joint conference, originally planned for Paris in April, has been converted to a virtual conference from 7th to 17th July, 2021

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  • Giacomo Clementi, grand prize i-PhD

    For his work on Lithium Niobate (LiNbO3), which has led to the design of original and efficient devices for the recovery of vibratory energy by the piezoelectric effect, in particular for connected objects.

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  • Understanding energy transfers during photosynthesis

    Using three pigments manipulated by scanning tunneling microscopy, researchers from IPCMS and FEMTO-ST are studying energy transfers between molecules to gain a finer understanding of the photosynthesis mechanism in plants. This work is published in Nature Chemistry.

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  • International Day of Light on May 16th

    This year, the Student Chapter of FEMTO-ST organizes on this occasion a photo contest on the theme ′′ Light phenomena in everyday life ".

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  • AMAROB labelled Deep Tech company

    Spin off of FEMTO-ST, Amarob technologie has received the Deep Tech company label awarded by Bpifrance.

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  • New platform to support the design and optimization of fuel cell hybride system and battery

    Virtual FCS" is the first freely accessible online simulation platform to support fuel cell manufacturers and users.

     Supported by a European funding, "Virtual FCS" has for French partner the University of Bourgogne-Franche-Comté through the FEMTO-ST institute and the FC-LAB

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  • ThermoBot : micro robots that walk on water

    Imagine, a robot, the size of a fly, walking on the surface of the water and pursued by a laser beam. One could believe in a science fiction scenario...

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  • Recognizing liars from the sound of their voice ?

    Scientists have prouved that the intensity, speed and pitch of the speaker's voice automatically influences our perception of the reliability and honesty of his or her speech. This work is published in the prestigious journal "Nature Communications"

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  • European project for the development of sustainable and high-performance bio-based composites

    Led by FEMTO-ST and supported by the University of Franche-Comté, the « SSUCHY » R&D project which brings together 17 European partners is entering its final phase. The project is now quite advanced.

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