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New Academic Year for the EIPHI Graduate School

200 new students join its 16 international master's programs in 2023-2024

For the second consecutive year, the EIPHI* Graduate School held its opening ceremony of the academic year on October 5 in Dijon, welcoming nearly 200 new students, 60% of whom are internationals coming from all continents. On this occasion, the exceptional journey of two PhD candidates was highlighted.

EIPHI,  of which FEMTO-ST is a major co-founder, offers its 360 master's students and 465 doctoral students training through research in physical sciences and engineering, in direct collaboration with7 partner research institutes** and UBFC's two doctoral schools SPIM and Carnot-Pasteur .

The integrated and professionalizing curriculum within EIPHI aims to bring the training in line with the best international standards, with programs in English combined with innovative pedagogical approaches and skill recognition. Students are immersed in research laboratories from the very beginning of the master's level and guided by teacher-researchers, researchers, and doctoral students. They engage in interdisciplinary projects aimed at facing scientific and societal challenges, take advantage of the many high-tech platforms of the institutes, undertake international mobility and research internships, locally, abroad, or in industry.

The goal of this opening day was to introduce new students to the graduate programs in the 5 domains of d’EIPHI*** as well as the surrounding ecosystem: UBFC; the partner laboratories; the two other Graduate Schools of UBFC-InteGrate in the fields of Environment-Territoires-Food and Innovative Therapies & Healthcare, which contribute along with EIPHI to both a strong interdisciplinarity of the research-training-innovation offer and an international ambition; the organization of the doctorate within SPIM and Carnot-Pasteur; UBFC's Alumni network, whose mission is to bring together students, graduates, and academic and socio-economic partners; student associations, which are a privileged venue for the development of multicultural scientific activities.

This day also honored two exceptional journeys of PhD candidates within EIPHI:

Souhaila Boublouh, former president of the FEMTO-ST Student Chapter, who, in addition to her teaching duties at Supmicrotech-ENSMM and uFC, her involvement in Hacking Health 2022 as a co-leader on one of the proposed challenges, is also the co-founder and president of the new “Young Researchers” club of the French Optical Society. After an enthusiastic summary of her thesis work on the development of an ultra-miniature acousto-optic modulator based on metamaterial, Souhaila was awarded a Silver open badge for her entire track in the "Physics, Mathematics & Applications" domain.

The second awardee is Mélanie Romain, whose thesis on the synthesis of nanoparticles for the targeting of extracellular vesicles is co-supervised between ICB and FEMTO-ST (NP@EVs project). Thanks to her involvement in the development of the international program French+Sciences, sponsored by Campus France, her teaching activities, participation in international conferences, and involvement in the organization of conferences in Bourgogne-Franche-Comté and scientific outreach activities, Mélanie received her Gold open badge for her entire track in the "Smart Systems & Structures" domain.

This opening ceremony allowed for rich interactions with and among the new master's students from the five sites of the EIPHI Graduate School (Belfort, Montbéliard, Besançon, Dijon, Le Creusot).

*Engineering and Innovation through Physical Sciences, High-technologies, and cross-dIsciplinary research
*** Physics, Mathematics & Applications - Energy - Computer Science - Smart Systems and Structures - Material Sciences and Chemistry

Contact : Hervé MAILLOTTE


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